Park Sections

Below you will find a sampling of Park sections available for ownership and identified by their landscape and design attributes. Each section of the Park is unique. Some locations feel more modern, some sections more wooded or secluded, and other sections harken back to a simpler time. The beauty of Puritan Lawn is that you choose the location that feels right. Experience a Park tour with the assistance of a Family Services Representative to determine which location is the right fit for your family.

Each lot supports double interment, so whether you choose a traditional casket burial, cremation, or a combination of the two there is a space for you at Puritan Lawn. Furthermore, Puritan Lawn has 40+ acres of property that have yet to be developed, so we will have burial space for many years to come.



A beautiful lake-front section surrounded by trees. This is a peaceful section where Eagles can be seen soaring across the water to their nesting place at the center of the lake.

Dickenson Meadows

This is the closest meadows section to the water with a beautiful central shrubbery bed.

Thoreau Meadows

This location has water views and sits in front of Dickenson Meadows separated by a fence and beautiful shrubbery bed.

Whitman Meadows

This 1 ½ acre section that abuts Winona reservoir sits at the northern most corner of the park. Development of this area has been highly anticipated for over two decades. The first burials took place fall of 2019.

Water View

Emerson Meadows

This section is unique because of the gorgeous lake views and the large section of pine trees.

Longfellow Meadows

A privately located section, Longfellow meadows is the smallest of the meadow sections. It is bordered by woods with views of the adjoining meadows and Winona lake. This location can accommodate both traditional casket burial and cremation interment.

Central Locations

Cathedral Pines

One of the largest sections of the cemetery. A wooded section of towering white pines providing lush greenery and a mixture of sun and shade. This location has the greatest variety of plant material with Japanese umbrella pines, rhododendrons, azaleas, etc.

Hawthorne Meadows

As you enter the meadows, the first area you come to at the top of a gentle slope overlooking Winona reservoir is Hawthorne Meadows. Families have come to recognize it as the area with a very large boulder located at the center of the section.

Pierce Freedom

This section was in development when the "9/11" 2001 attack took place. It was named to remember the attack and honor those whose lives were lost. The center of Section I, this is a unique and easily identifiable section. It is the newest section in the cemetery surrounded by the oldest section of the cemetery and conveniently located to the right of the Veteran’s Circle.

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