Cemetery Plans

Whether you decide to plan ahead or wait until the time of death, you have to make four major decisions.

1. The Cemetery and Lot Selection
The Cemetery and Lot Selection

Choosing your cemetery is the first step in making cemetery plans. Your choice of a cemetery should include an evaluation of its physical attributes from the perspective of those you will leave behind, because a cemetery is for the living.

Consider the cemetery's beauty, appearance, and upkeep. Does it have an air of permanence suggesting good administration? Other factors to consider include interment options, lot selections, after-care services, and space to accommodate future generations. When you plan ahead you have the time to weigh your options and choose wisely.

A distinct advantage offered at Puritan Lawn Memorial Park is your opportunity to reserve your lot in one of several sections that are always available to those with the wisdom to preplan. Certain sections are devoted exclusively to cremation while many other sections of The Park can accommodate a combination of casket and cremation interment. Whatever section you decide is best for you, your investment includes a perpetual care fund – your spouse and family will never be assessed additional fees to maintain your lot and the beauty of Puritan Lawn; it's all included at the time of your original investment.

Remember, the cemetery you choose and the lot you select are decisions that last forever. Making the proper choices in advance allows you the time necessary to consider what's right for you.

Cemetery Marker

Everyone wants and deserves to be remembered. One of the best ways to celebrate your life and that of your loved one is with a memorial. At Puritan Lawn, memorials are custom designed for you. Elegant floral decor can be added for greater beauty; thousands of emblems that reflect religious devotion, interests, and professions also are available. Your memorial will combine the ageless beauty of bronze with elegant detailing and, if you wish, can include a flower vase rising from the center.

For as long as you can remember, you have made life more pleasant for your loved ones. However, without preplanning, they someday may be forced to make difficult decisions regarding your memorialization alone. If you design your memorial before the time of need, you are ensured that your final wishes are carried out.

Preplanning eliminates questions loved ones may face regarding your choices. And, arrangements in advance mean surviving family members do not experience financial burdens.


With few exceptions, cemeteries require the use of a permanent container to receive and protect a casket from the elements. Every vault offered at Puritan Lawn is manufactured to the highest of standards and, because each model offered has its own unique features, you have the opportunity to express your personal and financial preferences.

For those choosing cremation, an urn is typically selected for the permanent placement of cremated remains. Urns are available in many different styles, shapes and colors to offer the individual an effective approach to personalization.

At the time an interment is ordered, the lot must be prepared to receive the casket or urn. The opening and closing represents the physical labor to remove the earth from the grave and from the area. This ensures the utmost of dignity for the deceased, family, and friends present at the time of service. A canopy is placed well in advance of the service to protect all in attendance from the elements. Finally, each service is personally escorted to the graveside by a member of Puritan Lawn's Family Services staff.

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