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  The Gift of Preplanning


   The death of a loved one is never easy. Long before this most difficult of times, you can give your family a valuable gift that takes the burden off the ones you will leave behind – the gift of preplanning.

   Problems can arise when we fail to make advance plans. Those who wait for a death to occur before making their arrangements often pay the price in regret and are left wondering if family members will adhere to their final wishes. Making these lasting decisions immediately after the death of a loved one can be unimaginably stressful.  

   When a loved one dies, it is the worst possible time to deal with the many details that have to be resolved, such as choosing a cemetery, selecting the burial space, paying in full, and making many other arrangements. Doing all this alone, without the help of your loved one, or having your loved one make all these decisions for you is easily avoided by pre-planning.

Puritan Lawn Plan-Ahead Programs Are a Smart Alternative

   Puritan Lawn is more than a cemetery. It's a serene park, bordered by lakes and a natural preserve. Puritan Lawn is meticulously maintained through a perpetual care fund that ensures continuous upkeep. The Park is a peaceful setting where you and your family can also have peace of mind.

   Since 1933, Puritan Lawn Memorial Park has helped thousands of families in the New England area plan their burial arrangements. Preplanning is easy because families can make their decisions together without the confusion and trauma that come with the death of a loved one. By preplanning at Puritan Lawn, you can continue to enjoy life, knowing that your loved ones have been protected from having to make these difficult decisions without you.

There's No Reason to Wait – Because There's Puritan Lawn Memorial Park