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Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, the oldest memorial park on the East Coast, is situated on the shores of scenic Lake Suntaug 15 miles north of Boston in historic Peabody, Massachusetts. In contrast to traditional cemeteries, at Puritan Lawn, no gravestones, monuments, or ornate tombs interrupt the natural beauty of the landscape. Instead, elegant bronze memorials, flush with the ground, mark each grave.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park comprises 140 acres with broad avenues that wind their way alongside the water and through groves of pine and white birch. Quiet sitting areas and immaculately groomed lawns invite your visit. Puritan Lawn Memorial Park's heritage extends to the early part of 17th century New England. Originally owned by John Humphrey, who came to the Massachusetts Colony in 1643 and served as one of the Justices of the Quarterly Court, the property passed through the hands of several prominent residents of the Commonwealth including Henry Saltonstall and John Pierce. 

In 1934, the Pierce estate was purchased by Puritan Lawn Memorial Park to develop the beautiful property that today continues to resemble an estate or park rather than a cemetery. The estate's grounds are maintained with the same degree of meticulous care as was lavished on the property in its heyday as a private home. The park is home to fox, woodchucks, deer, geese, and other wildlife that are attracted to the area's natural habitat. Walkers and joggers, too, frequently take advantage of the Park's open space and scenic beauty. Puritan Lawn Memorial Park is a leader in educating families on the importance of prearranging their burial needs. Our staff members are available to show you how to avoid or lessen problems that every family must ultimately face and answer your questions regarding advance planning and an investment in burial property.