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Lawrence A Creamer

Burial Date:

September 30, 2019

Birth & Death Date:

03/10/1954 - 09/19/2019

Funeral Home:

Cuffe McGuinn Funeral Home, Lynn, MA (Directions)


Welcome to the tributes section of the Puritan Lawn Memorial Park's website. In this section, family and friends may share their memories by creating a special tribute to their deceased loved ones. It is wonderful to hear the voices and see the faces of those we have lost so that we may never forget them. For this reason, the tribute section allows photo uploads, audio and video clips, and even an updated picture slide show. In addition, prayer cards from the funeral service, drawings created by children or grandchildren, and even a note or drawing created by the deceased all may be posted in order to help you remember and never forget. Because of time constraints at a funeral and emotional distress, eulogies are sometimes shortened or words are never spoken. Now those thoughts, feelings, words and essays on the impact that your loved one had on your life can all be shared, publicly or personally, by bringing them to one place; a place where memories can be replenished and lives never forgotten.

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